A multi-player arcade game.
  • quite simple but very addictive!
  • the more players, the more fun
  • non-violent play for children and adults
  • many players, but no need
    for many connected computers
  • play against friends, relatives,
    or against computer opponents

Download and install Vipers v2.2
(for Windows Vista/XP/2000)
1.1 MB

(new in this version: selectable backgrounds!)

Each player drives a viper. Controlling a viper is very simple: you just turn left and right. This is why all the players can fit on a single keyboard. And when it gets started, it's tremendous fun – kids get excited and love the game! The rules are simple, but the game is involving.

The goal of each Vipers player is to score points by crossing gray gaps, avoiding dangerous objects, capturing food, and eliminating other players. Unlike most popular snake-style games, Vipers allows you to turn at any angle. The program maintains statistics for each player, and places the best on a high scores table.

Vipers is shareware. Registered versions have many extra features during the game:

Registered standard version

  • up to 3 human players
  • up to 2 computer players
  • basic events:
    • tunnels
    • tunnels disaster
    • big gaps
    • cruel mouse
  • one level more of computer playing skill
  • extra fast speed
  • no "unregistered" texts

Registered full version

  • all standard version features
  • up to 4 human players
  • all available events:
    • walls
    • food
    • void
    • attractors
    • invisibility
    • scrolling
    • disasters of void, walls and attractors
  • ... and more in the future!

Some of the features for registered users:
(see also the demo mode!)

Up to 6 players
(4 human + 2 computer):





Big gaps:

Can you drive like this?

A real situation is captured, where all three vipers
were going from bottom to top.

  • Blue was going first,
  • White a little bit later (crossing one Blue's gap),
  • and the master Green one just after White,
    crossing two gaps, and then another two!)

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